2022 / 14 min

IIXI - Eleven By One

A Film By Morgan Maassen

IIXI or “Eleven By One” is a collection of eleven one-minute vignettes that each stand on their own, but are also designed and created to fit into a greater body of work. Each vignette is curated to encompass and tell a cohesive story of a winter spent turning on snow with our friends of the KORUA family.

During the 2021/22 season we partnered with talented and accomplished filmmaker Morgan Maassen to produce a conceptual short film that serves to capture and celebrate the details of style, turning, surroundings, and emotions – all the elements that make up our own little universe of snowboarding. As a filmmaker, Morgan is not merely a capturer of stunning visuals, but a standout talent for his ability to convey and evoke emotions through his keen eye and curious attention to the essence and fragments of a subject – in this case, snow (and boarding).

As a result the viewer is presented with a deeply intimate and thoughtful insight into our take on snowboarding, the environment we move in, the characters that make up our family and their different approaches to snowboarding in the Alps. We hope you enjoy the ride!

– – –

Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, Lars Popp, Thomas Stöckli, Raphael Rocha, Daria Fuchs, James Niederberger, Luca Kuppelwieser, Aaron Schwartz, Gabriele Torriani, Stephan Maurer

Cinematographer & Editor: Morgan Maassen

Creative Direction: Morgan Maassen, Aaron Schwartz, Nicholas Wolken

Graphic Design: Aaron Schwartz

Sound Design: Morgan Maassen

Music: Trees Speak, Daze, Monster Rally, Dirty Arts Club
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