2018 / 3 min

Yearning For Turning – Vol. VIII

Gone Boardin'

It’s quite simple really. After a few months off-snow and our focus elsewhere, we round up the gang again for the season we love the most. It’s like a band reuniting for another tour. To play the hits. To do it all over again. That’s what it feels like for us, and it feels good. Vol. 8 is about that feeling, those moments, the weekend trips, lap after lap, the carefree fun of snowboarding together. For a few months of the year that’s a privilege we’re fortunate to have. We reflect upon all of this in the form of a short film each winter, and come December we reset the clock and start over. Until next time – we’ve gone boardin’.


Featuring: James Niederberger, Gabriele Torriani, Nicholas Wolken, Lars Popp, Stephan Maurer, Raphael Rocha, Thomas Stöckli, Rúnar Pétur Hjörleifsson, Atsufumi Mizuno, Pepe Ragazzi, Kiara Schwartz, Cyril Muller, and Aaron Schwartz
Filmed by: Stephan Maurer, Aaron Schwartz, James Niederberger, and Gabrielle Torriani
Editing by: Stephan Maurer
Graphics: Aaron Schwartz
Music Supervisor: Florent De Maria / MIDNIGHT Music
“Davay Sozvonimsya”
Performed by Forum
Courtesy of Parusnikova Marina Alekseevna

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